Espinosa Rugarcía Computer Center
Meet our students.

They have different ages, different professions and hobbies ... Do not miss our star pupil ... keep reading to find who she is and we hope to inspire you to join us.

Matilde Hernández
Is a 67 year old woman, a merchant. Her daughters told her that it was not important for her to have any computer skills. However, Matilde took little notice of her advice and thanks to the classes she has taken in at the CCESRU, she can now keep track of her business and wants to join a writing workshop that DEMAC foundation teaches. .

Eloísa Cortés
She came to the ESRU Foundation selling kitchen and household products. She enrolled at the CCESRU courses and now with that she knows how to use the Excel Accounting Program she keeps her business in order and promotes her products more easily.

Beatriz Carbente
Is a 50 year old single mother. She entered CCESRU’s computer class to learn how to use an email account and navigate the Internet, also she needed to help her child with homework and for that reason she has been very enthusiastic about the course that not only helps her but allows her to do more to help her little child.

Alejandro González
Alejandro is a man with special needs. He wanted to learn to use Word and did it! In his work now he is hired to prepare crafts and formats with this program.

Lupita Muñoz
My name is Lupita  Muñoz, I am a student of computer science at The Espinosa Rugarcia Computer Center. I would like to share the great satisfaction that I have to be learning computer skills, because I can help my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter, to use the computers to communicate through email and help them search for different topics of interest for my granddaughter’s homework, it gives me great joy and I am filled with encouragement to continue studying.
To be able to prepare my notes with this new technology is amazing. I worked as a rural teacher, and back then I only used blackboard made from wood, which was painted with special material to be able to write in chalk, after, we had a magnetic board and an acrylic board to write with markers.
Currently everyone carries a laptop to work, before we had a typewriter, I could carry on numbering many things, but I won’t, I am just really happy that at my age, 64, I am still learning new things in The Espinosa Rugarcía Computer Center, where the staff is very trained and tuition is free. Many thanks to the head of ESRU Foundation, Dr. Amparo Espinosa Rugarcía.

Pilar Ortega, buscando los apuntes para abrir su blog.

Pilar Ortega


Pilar Ortega: ESRU’s STAR CASE.

A woman of 84 years who writes poetry since her youth. Restless, she took the computer workshop and is now building her blog to leave a mark on their children and grandchildren.

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Guadalupe Nolasco.


Guadalupe Nolasco Casilla

Lupita enjoys writing stories and following the footsteps of Pilar Ortega within the Computer Center, she was encouraged to create her own blog where everybody could read her stories.

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