Affiliated Associations

Documentación y Estudios de Mujeres, A.C.

Founded by Amparo Espinosa Rugarcía in 1989, DEMAC emerged as a response to a patriarchal cultural reality; This association seeks to empower Mexican women through the written expression and giving them a voice not only of denunciation, but of strength.

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Por el Derecho a Morir con Dignidad, A.C.

Founded in 2015, this association attempts to generate the necessary social and legal changes so that Mexicans can legally opt for a dignified death, without unnecessary pain, in an atmosphere of peace, and in the company of their loved ones.

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Centro de Estudios Espinosa Yglesias, A.C.

Since 2005, the CEEY has taken on the task of carrying out serious, deep and academically rigorous studies related to social mobility in Mexico. The objective of the Centre is to better understand the phenomena that affect social and economic development to implement educational and assistance programs that help improve the quality of life of all Mexicans.

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Fundación Amparo Serrano,

Since 2011, FAS promotes culture and the arts through dance, painting, drawing and music workshops aimed at girls and teenagers of limited resources and in vulnerable conditions. Currently, FAS shares its projects with 20 institutions in Mexico City, Querétaro, Puebla and Aguascalientes.

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Fundación SERES, A.C.

The Seres Foundation began in 2013. Its goal is to promote, on the one hand, social mobility and, on the other, environmental conservation. Both objectives are addressed through research, and through promotion and making of events and exhibitions that emphasize the importance of social mobility, gardening, horticulture and environmental conservation.

Fundación Amparo y Manuel,

Since 2003, AMMA Foundation is committed to culture and the education of Mexicans; therefore, among its objectives we can find the promotion of Mexican culture and its traditions, spreading the aesthetic manifestations of modern and contemporary art, encouraging research and conservation of art, as well as creating reflections on aesthetic values and on social problems.

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Allied Associations


Since 1980, Monte Fénix has been committed, not only to rehabilitation, but also to the prevention of and education about addictions; all this with the firm purpose of contributing to build a better Mexico.

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Fundación Amparo

Founded in1979, Amparo Foundation IAP aims at disseminating and supporting education and culture in all its forms and aspects, always giving priority to people with socio-economic limitations and to communities most in need.

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