Thanks to the research work carried out by Fundación ESRU in order to be able to face social problems in the most appropriate way, it was concluded that young people who abandon their studies face difficulties in all areas of their life – family, social, health, etc.-, so a scholarship may not be enough for them to continue in school.

For this reason, in 2009 the ESRU Adopta project was created, whose objective is to support low-income students and their families. The project offers comprehensive help to all family members who require it, through financial support, tuition payments, training, psychological assistance, among others; in this way, young people can fully focus on their studies.

The beneficiaries of this project are young men and women from all over the country who are in a vulnerable situation and who want to acquire the necessary tools to improve their quality of life. So far, 17 families have been comprehensively promoted.